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10 things that make a good feng shui house

Feng Shui Master and Architect Howard Choy shares his thoughts what would contribute to a good feng shui house.

  1. It fits into the context of a site, in harmony with its environment.
  2. It follows the contour of the land and lightly touched the earth.
  3. It is orientated towards an open space, facing the warm sun.
  4. It is protected at the back and from the cold winds.
  5. Its orientation and Yin and Yang qualities are clearly defined.
  6. Its form is regular and ordered, without any pretentiousness.
  7. It has an easily identifiable and welcoming front entrance.
  8. It has a clear spatial alignment, so you will not get lost in the house.
  9. It uses mainly ecologically friendly and sustainable materials.
  10. It feels alive and engages your five senses and your heart/mind.
  11. It is able to receive and gather Qi.
  12. The qi is assembled both internally and externally (Ju-Qi)
  13. A house that is supportive of the occupant's success and happiness.

In Form School feng shui, whether it is looking at the surrounding landscape pattern or at the internal and external layout of a building, the main aims are to “welcome the (sheng) qi", to "obtain the (sheng) qi", to "gather the (sheng) qi" and to "store the (sheng) qi" from its healthy environment.

Tags: Feng Shui Planung, Howard Choy, QiMag

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